Production characteristics

Production’s, made of blown polythene, characteristics

  • Perfectly insulates warm, sound, water, steam and air.
  • Light, bowilg, steady for statical and blowing loadings.
  • Steady for chemical influence.
  • It is not injurious fot men’s health or the surroundings, easy recycled.
  • Easy installing, covering by various covers, bowing, cutting, forming. Does not change the given form.
  • Polythene tape width from to 1,25m, continuous thickness – from 0,5 to 5mm, thermal way doubled thickness - till 100mm, standard colour – white.
  • Polythene articles are easy to glue in manufacturing process, so different thickness and sizes are possible. During assembling and installation these articles simply to connect by welding, gluing them by adhesive tape or coupling by hooks. Polythene slabs glue with each other by the help of constructional phene (temperature, necessary for sticking – 150 - 350оС).
  • Heat conductivity coefficient 1=0,035~0,045W/m2.
  • Long-term absorbtion ~2,6%.
  • Vapour conductivity coefficient – mg/mhPa – 0.64 * 10-4.
  • Working temperature from –40оС to +95оС.
  • Density 24-35kg/m3, rescue waistcoats manufacting.
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